The Denman Charitable Trust was created in 1984 by a gift of shares  from Arnold and Dorothy Denman at the time of the flotation of their family business .  For a number of years the trust retained their investment in the company but the capital is now held in a spread of investments under professional management.

The original trustees Arnold Denman, Dorothy Denman and David Marsh managed the trust until 2008, when they were joined by a younger generation of family members in Sue Blatchford and Joanna Denman. David Marsh stepped down in June 2019 and Matthew Lee joined in his place. All the work of running the trust is carried out by the Trustees and no expenses are charged for its' operation.

It is the policy of the trust to distribute its income, but to retain its' capital intact. It does not directly carry out any charitable activities but helps other charities which the trustees consider worthy of support and our deed does not restrict us to specific areas of need. Donations over the last 35 years have totalled in excess of £2 Million. 


Our Trustees met on 21st March 2020 and considered the extraordinary circumstances arising from the current pandemic.

 Whilst our funds have reduced substantially as a result of the falls in the stock market we recognise that the needs of the organisations we support are likely to increase greatly.

 Under these circumstances we decided that we were unable immediately to make sensible decisions as to where our support was most needed and we decided to temporarily suspend all direct donations.  We do however have a close relationship with Quartet Community Foundation and have given an immediate donation to their Covid-19 Appeal.

 We are keeping the situation under constant review and the Trustees will decide as soon as the immediate crisis is over when we feel that we are in a position to decide how we can use our limited funds to help those most in need.

 We will announce on this website when we are re-commencing normal activities and advise the closing date for applications to be considered at the next meeting of the Trustees.