Insight to Apprenticeships Programme – South Bristol Youth

Denman Charitable Trust funding went towards the Insight to Apprenticeships Programme. South Bristol Youth worked in six secondary schools this year, working closely with link teachers to select young people in challenging circumstances, who would most benefit: 54 students completed the project.

One student commented ” Ever since I went on the trips, my confidence went up and I would love to go again and work with other people. I would do an apprenticeship because I’ve really enjoyed doing this course. The programme really helped me understand what an apprenticeship really was.”

The programme lasted a full academic year, building on our pilot programme from the previous year and designed with five key components.

Advice, guidance and support to understand pathways to work though apprenticeships

Experience and research tell us that students lack knowledge rather than aspiration and that they need practical help to make the best choices.  

Speaking, Listening and Writing skills development

SBY puts particular focus on communication skills so students learn how to clearly express their thoughts and ideas and present themselves well.

Building Cultural and Social Capital

We help young people build links with people and organisations across Bristol. This gives them a sense of ownership of their city and the confidence to access important and prestigious venues in the city (cultural capital), and new networks (social capital) to help them in the future.

Developing positive character traits

We help young people to appreciate and develop curiosity, perseverance, conscientiousness, optimism and self -control and to understand how these traits will help them to do well in life.

Parental engagement             

Family support and encouragement with education makes a huge difference to a young person’s development. We meet parents and carers regularly, invite them to celebrate their children’s achievements and put on special events for them on a range of topics.

Throughout the programme young people were supported by a consistent SBY Mentor to guide and encourage them to develop their confidence and skills and understand their options.

Our outcomes for the students were:  

•      Increased awareness of the types of apprenticeships available

•      Increased understanding of the qualifications and skills required to access apprenticeships

•      Increased self confidence in their strengths and abilities

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