Family Food Workshops – Square Food Foundation

With support from the Denman Charitable Trust, Square Food Foundation ran a series of short cookery courses for families that live in Bristol’s Knowle West. These useful, practical courses provided parents with a safe, welcoming space where they could learn alongside their children, without fear of failure or waste. At the end of each session, families sat and ate together, as well as taking home some of the food they cooked to share with other family members. The courses provided parents and children with the skills, knowledge and confidence they needed to cook and eat well.

 “It [the course] was a lifeline for me, [my home is] a one bed flat with three children so for me, it’s a life line because it’s free, we are getting a nice meal for lunch, you know when you get here you’ll have a snack…” 

“I live so far away, my family are over here and I am just sitting in their houses all day. I feel like a burden to everybody. I’m using their gas, their electric, I may bring my food over and I may cook for them because I feel guilty, but I can’t afford to give them gas and electric or nothing. But now I’ve been here for three days, my kids have been fed, I’m nobody’s burden.”

“It’s important, it’s nice one-on-one time with her, I don’t get any time with Sophie, cos I have the boys” 

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